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Get 60 Minutes Zoom Call for Diagnostic + Healing [Blessing Fee USD$100]

Diagnostic + Healing Session – $100

GOAL: Identify Childhood wounds + Healing

PROCESS: 1-hour Zoom call in which we discuss:

Your top 2 challenges

OUTPUT: after our zoom Diagnostic + Healing session I will send you a one-page recap with the healing tools,

Hey Its Mulikah, your Love Revolution Coach to help you gain clarity & confidence to Step Up and Live Happily and Joyfully.

Too Many People Are Lying Awake At Night Wondering:

What is going to happen tomorrow?

Feeling stress and anxiety over the uncertainty of revenue or income?

Feeling lonely and disconnected from social activity

Feeling that your freedom to enjoy life has been taken away from you?

Feeling empty & meaningless, you start to questions your existence of what is your life purpose on this planet?

Sharing your vulnerable side of yourself can be frightening.

Let alone telling people how you really feel about your true self, your traumatic childhood experiences can be very difficult.

Life is tough when no one can understand you from the inside, the constant need to prove your worth is tiring and draining your energy.

Life doesn't have to be that way. Life can be enjoyable if you are able to liberate your body from past memories of emotional baggage.

All your emotional pain from your childhood stored in your body and living there since the event happened.

To elaborate further, here is a story of an adult feeling stuck in life.

As a child when I experienced sadness, anger, fear, guilt, or any negative emotion. I was taught I had to "fix it" and be happy again.

As a result, when I experience a negative emotional reaction as an adult I struggle to process what I am feeling, I feel stuck, numb, and confused.

I feel disconnected from my body.

The reality is that you are not supposed to fix the emotions of sadness, anger, fear, guilt, and other negative emotions, you need to process those feelings fully in your body.

What we do to help you is to help you diagnose the root cause of the feelings of sadness, anger, fear, guilt, and other negative emotions by identifying a deep pattern and discover the triggers of those emotions. We heal the nervous system and restoring balance in your body.

"Two words: Astoundingly brilliant! Through my healing sessions with Magnetic Mulika. I'm not only came alive again, I came to know myself for the very first time and in so doing found a love within I never thought possible. For me it's like a 'portal of grace' is opened each time I have a session. Sheer delight! some days, as I wake from sleep I notice a smile has already emerged on my face even before I have opened my eyes to greet the day. Remarkable! The difference in me is like night and day. Mulika bring my third eye back! Mulika is an extraordinary individual, unassailable, bringing not only beautiful intuition and deep compassion to her sessions but also true equanimity, authentic presence and joyful warmth to the healing process.

Unlike no other practitioner I've met, and believe me I've met many, Mulika is able to hold the space of such unconditional acceptance and intrinsic wholeness.

Thank you so much! I'm happy - I'm content- I feel free and alive and know myself much better.

Mulika, Thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve.

- Wonderful Journey -

Mila "

Mila ~ From Indonesia

"It had been a few months since I had a 1 to 1 session with Mulikah. She has a special gift to be able to identify the key issues that is in your subconscious mind, based on your childhood experience, that resulted in some key obstacles to our success. She is able to guide us the technique to release that emotion and after doing it for about 2 weeks, and on top of doing forgiveness towards myself, I felt a sense of lightness that had never existed. What is more amazing is that the eczema that had been bothering me to almost 13years started healing. I thank Mulikah for identifying that as it is something that even when brought up, I think nothing of it, until I start to come to terms with that childhood experience."

Pamela Kea From Singapore

"Met Mulikah over zoom call for 2 sessions. She was recommended by a friend who shared her significant improvement on her age-old challenge after just one session with Mulikah.

One thing that struck me was the simplicity of her techniques (the “homework” she asked of as post-call “exercises” to address issues identified at the session) and the disproportionate effectiveness of these techniques. The results was apparent quickly. This is not saying she provides quick fixes. Guess no soul hearing process will be fast. It is usually if not always a long journey. More that it made one wonder there must be fundamentally truths to her healing approach to enable one to reach our deep-rooted hidden challenges quickly.

To me a healer is a guide. They show the way. Ultimately, it is for us to take the steps. I hope whoever reading this review, you will have as fruitful a journey as I had with Mulikah."

Unknown From Singapore

"It Impatience had served me in the corporate world but it overflows into my personal life.  I eat fast, I wish I could pour my food in; I walk fast; I am always in “get it done” mode.  I am constantly looking for ways to “add value”; I detest lateness and have no tolerance for indecisiveness.

A friend recommended Mulikah, “she can help with your childhood traumas”.  She listened without judgment and was able to tap into my emotions; somehow I felt safe to share my personal details with her.  I recalled I used the word “worthless” but she highlighted that I felt “useless”.  She pinpointed my impatience to the need to prove my worth; so I keep running like a rat on a ferris wheel.

Mulikah then offered to heal me.  She had me say a few lines, after her; about deleting and removing the energies that do not serve me.  I did not think much of it but was very touched by her unconditional healing.  I met an angel with a heart of gold, I mused.

Lo and behold, I noticed myself walking slowly, in between the umpteen conference calls, to get my lunch a few days later.  This is the most noticeable improvement of my impatience. The rest is history, I look forward to her weekly calls where she clearly and generously shares tips to guide me on my spiritual journey. With deep deep gratitude, HB @ Nov 2020

Hwee Boon From Singapore

Meet Mulikah.

Mulikah has the gifted ability to Identify the Individuals root cause of the issue. She has an attentive very listener and she listens without judgment, therefore she is amazingly accurate in her diagnosis of what childhood belief/program the client suffers.

Mulikah has a big mission to empower individuals to uncover their truest potential and live a purposeful life. She creating a woman community called "L.O.V.E Revolution to share her vision. She believes that one woman heal her wound, she will heal other women to heal their wounds

Get 60 Minutes Zoom Call for Diagnostic + Healing [Blessing Fee USD$100]

Making A Real Decision Today Could Transform Your Life. Get Clarity Call Now!

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We will look into your recurrence pattern in your adult life and discover the root cause of the patterns.



Once we have the root cause we will be deleting the root cause. Once deleting finish then we will continue the healing



We recognize old personality is not serving your life. With the new intention of new personality to support your current life. You will then make a decision of the new identity that supports who you are as beautiful human being



We will take a look at your past values and redefine what is important to you after your healing



Embody your new personality, being the personality that gives you true happiness and living your truth as who you are not you should be